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Thursday, June 2

The Wine Taster :)
Blogger bdiddy said...
It all started around a bonfire on Sunday night. We had grilled out and had a couple bottles of vino in us already! The place we stayed had on site wine tasting free for guests. Something like 6 different wines each day. If you tried all six it was like two glasses of wine each day! Good way to get the evenings started after riding your bike in the mountains and a full night of fat tire fest partying ahead!

The owner of the cabin and two ladies she was partying with came stumbling out of the main lodge(one of the two in charge of the wine tasting at the lodge.) They were on tilt! Momma lou the owner who is in her late 60s to early 70s is leading the trio with some fancy glass pitcher in her hand and they are staggering up towards the mountain that the property is backed up against.

Mic and the wolfman curiously asked

"Hey where are you guys going"

Momma Lou

"C mon with"

Everyone immedatily jumps up and follows towards the mountain. Oh yeah its like 11 o'clock and kinda misty out. The flashlight lights up a doorway that looks like bilbo baggins could live behind. Momma lou opens it up and its like this room built out of stone right in the side of the mountain. I was surprised to see five big barrels of wine inside! Momma lou grabs a hose and asked for a voluteer to start the flow of wine out of the barrel and into the pitcher. The wolfman decides to sacrifice himself for the team and steps up to the plate.


"Oh you mean like cleaning my fish aquarium"

Momma lou:

"No! Like siphoning gasoline out of a car!"

The wolfman starts the siphon but just keeps sucking on that hose like a frat boy doing a keg stand!

Momma lou:

"Hey he's drinking it!"

She grabs the hose from the wolfman while laughing! Fills the pitcher up and we head back to the bonfire and momma lou shares her delious wine and even brought out some homemade bread and marinara sauce. That was one kick ass place to stay!

Wolfman that was some pretty funny stuff when you keep drinking out of the hose right from the barrel. I felt like i was in either in europe or the movie sideways for a spit second!

Viva le FAT TIRE FEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger debaser said...
Man, we left 5 minutes too early. Whatta shame!

Blogger mw said...
that's the story i heard last night at mike and tara's bye bye party at the pizza place...

Blogger Wolfman said...

Blogger Chaybo said...
i came onto the scene late and by that time EVERYONE was purdy schnaukered. Weirwolf told me the story no less than FOUR times....i even timed it perfectly to meet mamma lou and to sample a little bit out of her own cup, good stuff !

Blogger debaser said...
Wasn't there some part about "sweet nothings" whispered in mama's ear?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Sogni Dolci

Anonymous posthole said...
Actually, those sweet words were "Sogni d'oro"

She was a sweet old italian woman who melted to the language of her mother country.

I will have to try some more lines next time to get some more of that secret stash.