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Sunday, June 26
We've been camping twice this year with no bottle opener. See, Zana will drink a beer every once in a while, but, wine is good. So, we're camping, no bottle opener, and a nice bottle of wine. After digging through my camp stash for a while, I came up with a plan. An okay plan, that turned out brilliant. A tent stake, hammered into a cork, will first imbed itself in the cork, and then push itself and the cork into the bottle (I don't think the boy scouts endorse using the back of a hatchet for a hammer, but what the hell!). Bonus is, the stake, still stuck in the cork, can be either pulled up to seal the bottle, or pushed down to allow the free flow of wine (which it did, I might say). Anyway, kids, don't try this one at home, only when sleeping in the woods! Posted by Hello
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