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Wednesday, June 29
peace to sylvia
This one's a tear jerker. This is about Sylvia's last ride. Give all your families a hug from Redstone.
Blogger debaser said...
Yep... A bunch of threads on MTBR about this. Good lessons about jumping to conclusions, etc.

A terrible thing happened, and what's scariest is that it seems like percautions were taken, that it could have happened to any of us, or to someone we love. That's why I take pause at the Shrine in Ned each time I pass by. (The "Shrine" is a lift chair set on a trail in memory of somebody our age who had a freak heartattack on a mountainbike ride in the mountains.)

Hugs indeed.

Blogger mg said...
pretty tragic isn't it?

we all gotta' be careful out there.