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Thursday, June 2

The ride we pussed out on!
Blogger Chaybo said...
i hear vagasil can fix that.

Blogger Chaybo said... was really wet this day but the soil was perfect for it. Damn, i was kinda cold at the start, but nothing a 30 minute climb couldn't take care of. Hopefully dave will throw up a few photos from this day of riding.

It started with a steep dirt road climb, then towards the top and at an intersection dave proceeded to blind fold each of us and led us into the trees....eventually the blind fold came off and we were standing on this primo trail, and i do mean primo. I honestly will have to rank it was a blast and the creator needs a few pats on the back. It's always a treat to ride on a trail built by a mtb'er for mtb's. Once we were in the heavily forested section i was completely oblivious to the rain. And actually the conditions were damn near perfect.

pussed out...nah, that's a bit harsh. And i'm sure staring at a 12 pack of Dale's presented some stiff pressure : )

Blogger debaser said...
You better show up with some windex nixt time you're around, smeared beer foam is damned hard to look through from the passenger seat!

Blogger Wolfman said...
we could have made that climb!!

Anonymous posthole said...
but, could you have made that climb after the pale ale?

Blogger debaser said...
That climb seemed pretty easy with an exxxcelerator pedal!