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Thursday, June 16
I think I took a wrong turn somewhere?
Haven't posted any words for a while so here we go!

I went to a sorry ass graduation party on Saturday. I don't mean that it was sorry in the way that I didn't have a good time. I can ussally make the the best of a lame party situation. I mean it was sorry because the party was RSVP so the couple throwing it could somewhat plan for food and drink. They invited 80 peps and received RSVP from enough people to buy enough to feed and intoxicate that number of people. Well 15 people showed up that includes the couple throwing the party and their 4 kids. It was purdy sad! I would hear them make comments like "Everyone wants to be fashionably late." Then about an hour later "Just wait till after dark people will start showing up."

It was wearing on me hearing these comments.

B: "Brandy What are you gonna do with all of the tequlia lime and salt you have sitting out upstairs?"

Brandy: "I don't know? Nobody's showing up."


I brought the supplies down to the patio and 3-4 shots later 4 of the 7 adults left at the party were singing kareoke to the other three. If you don't know Melissa is a microphone hog. It was a good show. I like when Melissa sings! Here is where the wrong turn was taken. Apparently before during or after taking one of the shots Brandy asked Melissa if the two of us would like to attend a show with them on Tuesday night. The had extra tickets and wanted us to go! Well Melissa agreed and didn't tell me until the next day. Next day things are kinda foggy. The fog blows over when she tells me i will be going with them to the VH1 The Rock Never Stops Tour. Firehouse, RATT, and Cinderella!?

B: "What! I can't go i gotta wash my hair!"

Melissa: "Well i already told them we would go. They are buying the tickets."

None of my excuses were working ok i guess if anything it'll be funny.

The night of the show we get downtown and have dinner grab a couple cold ones and head down to the pershing. We got there late and Firehouse was already playing. I am following steve he bought the tickets and he's heading right up to the front? Second row center stage! Alright I would be super excited if this were a B Boys concert. This was some shit that i didn't want to be at and there here i am front and center? This is gonna take a lotta beer gonna have to keep the cold ones coming! Firehouse was like 80's KFRX Sunday night dedications kinda rock. It scared me that a couple songs sounded familar. RATT was like Friday nights at Holiday skate North you know like back in '84. Cinderella was like FUCKING horrible. I ended a relationship in Highschool because this chic tried to play a cinderella tape in my Mustang! I mean WTF did she think she was doing?! That shit is like being posioned through your ears! When the the pale bad musicans that were standing in front of cool pyrotechnics(Cinderella) we done we rode our bikes home. I felt like i had done something bad. Something not just a shower would fix!

SO in the spirit of making the best of things how about a RATT Rock Block!


Round and Round

Enough is Enough

It Doesn’t Matter

Body Talk
Blogger debaser said...
I was wondering where you went. Now I understand it was about all the shame you're feeling.

I distinctly remember listening to RATT in the back of the schoolbus. That and Def Leopard.

Blogger 3p0 said...


oh, man, This brings back the super good memories.

I know all the words to this song, ask Chad. I was totaly air guitar in the sign shop when I saw this one. Man. I can't beleive you were lucky enough to get front row tickets for RATT.

the chick on the cover of that cassette. oh man. I beat off to that one back in jr high.

(don't tell me non of the rest of you didn't cuz you know you did.)

think I'm kidding about my love of crappy music,

ask Thad, I've got all kinds of Def Lepord and Van Hallen uh, Van Hagar music in my album collection,

You are sooo lucky dude.


This is sooo good man.

I skipped my high school senior prom to go see zz top, that's good heshan rock man.

Blogger Chaybo said...
sorry bro...i personally didn't listen to that shit, but then again i graduated from Jstreet and would have been smeared if i even attempted to listen to that shhhhhhiiiittt. So go on and confess if you'd like to...but cha aint catchin me fessing up to crap like that.

zztop ..... now that's good classic southern Rock. I'd have to say skipping prom might have been a good decision.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Dude was that the '91 show in Omaha? Recycler?

Blogger Wolfman said...
that's wild dog!, i was just jamming some RATT on my Panasonic Walkman with the bass boost in high def on my morning commute. i get down in the tuck and the drum beat of "Round and Round" helps me get a 1/2 mile faster average. Isn't the girl on the cover of the "cassette" actually Steven Percy?

Blogger mw said...
you know i like music. and i have a lot of bad music skeletons in my closet. ratt is one of them and there are others. i have only recently allowed some of those oldies into my life. iron maiden and metallica mostly. but there is some music too bad to let back into the present. then again i just bought "british steel". a fine album for sure...