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Monday, June 27

Hey guys Nate's B-party is the other way!
Blogger debaser said...
Are you guys holding hands?

Blogger Wolfman said...
yes, and missing YOU!:)

Blogger htop said...
save this for a possible blackmail?.

does there significant others know of this "secret relationship"?

"oh, dont worry, i'm going on a bike ride with rick".

Blogger bdiddy said...
Nate thanks for putting on such a darn good partay! The band was good a ton of friendly biker type peps and plenty of beer to turn the shit talkin up a couple of notches!

Man this picture cracks me up :) Just two dudes going down to the shop to pick up a luv ewe! Alright i'm done with the smack talk.

I should also take this oppourtunity to tell Hightop it was ricks fault for the water thing. He was making a big deal about you switching to water so I improvised.

For those that are not in the know. Rick says "Hey look Hightop's switching to water" as I get up to go to the Bathroom. On my way back from the can Hightop's encircled by Bigmech, wolfman and mohawk. Hightop's holding up his brand new cold glass of icewater. I walk up into the circle look at Hightop and with my index finger pointing down into his fresh glass of icewater stir it up while asking what the FUCK is this I though we were all drinking beer!? Man Ice cubes were flying everywhere. I shook my hand off and went right to the bar a got Hightop a new glass of water. I could tell by the smile on Hightops face when i handed him his glass of water that he knew that i was just having a little fun!

It was funny then and I'm still laughing while i'm typing this! You guys a fun to hang out with on or of the bikes!

I don't care what anyone else says!

Blogger Chaybo said...
i would have loved to have been there to see the look on ol' HTops face when you pulled that funny shit.

you're lucky you didn't get a boot full.

Blogger Wolfman said...
that was one of the funny highlights of the evening and HTop took it all in full stride, even my shittalking about the Laramie enduro. we missed ya' at V.I. for breakfast, though.

what about the total face plant off the bar stool later on?

great party and thanks for letting me in the door, Nate, to celebrate your 30th. it's cool your that young, think of all the parties left!!

Blogger bigmech said...
Don't worry Wolfman, I won't tell anyone about our special relationship...

Nate, that was a great party. I was grinning all night long.