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Thursday, June 23
anyone else tired ?
aaahhhh man i am one tired pup today.... last night we got a small group together for a night ride at the Coyote. About 8 of us in all.....And with summer solstice approaching it wasn't till damn near 10pm till we got on the trail. I figured a shake down ride befoe the 24 hour race at Rapalje was in order so we dragged our sorry azzes around on the trail for 2 hand a half hours...the full moon came out around mid-night and it was still dark as shit. Quiet though... at least until my rear tire struck a rock pretty damn solidly and a loud KA-BAM ----wwhhhiiiisssssh . And what a friggin mess as i was running slimed up tubes and the sidewall of the tire also ripped...jesus h

new tube... one of dim fancy park tire boots and a couple of kleenix's to wipe up the gooo and a tire pump that made my arm cramp and i was ready to roll.

other than that small incident the ride went super smooth...everyone's lights hung in, and i think most of us are ready to suffer this coming weekend.

appearently just getting home was just the beggining of my suffering....because when i strolled in the door at 12:45...tracy kicked me back out of it with a reminder that i PROMISED to have her bosses super duper 1985 Panasonic mtb repaired by morn (solid axle to QR axle upgrade :)), so i dragged myself out to the shop crank on NPR which was playing a solid mix of 70's tunes....janis jop having fits, morrison sounded stoned. 45 minutes later i was happily headed back to bed, bike done ! cept one thing, between the 2 hr ride, greasy fingers, and 70's acid rock I was too amped up to sleep. Last time i checked the clock it was 3...and the next damn thing i know is i awake to my little girl, madeline batting me in the head with one of her toys...."WAKE UP DADDY !"

aahhhhh man can't it wait ?
Blogger Chaybo said...
and on top of of it all...i just recieved a phone call from mike....i think our homeboy is going through some mild depression with living out in the sticks and all.

as mike said it

" I've got a case of the lonelies"

ahhh mike..i got hug here waiting for ya.

Blogger debaser said...
You mountain men are so cute the way you hang together.

I've been tired, but not in that "got kids" sorta way.

Blogger redstone said...
Just wait Debaser, your day is coming.

Good luck in the 24hr Chaybo - fun times await.

I hear you on the up late and tired. Damn HFX9 brakes. Routine brake bleed gone bad, seems to happen quite a bit with those. Open the rear caliper to bleed, squeeze, and... Nothing. Seems like something is blocking the line preventing a bleed up to the lever. Took apart the caliper, fine. Took the hose off, fine. Damn - bad M/C.

I need to go to bed.

I got a hug here for Johnson, too.

Blogger Chaybo said...
another late night last night too !! hfx-9 brakes here though davey, allthough i feel your pain (try replacing the pistons yet?)....

anyway..... I laced up one of those Schmidt Dynamo front generator hubs to an open pro rim ... if you've never seen one of these go check out and check it. Anyway...the project was pretty cool. Build wheel, install lights on the blades of the fork, and wire to the hub. The left side light is the primary with a 3w bulb. Installed the female connectors to each light and plugged one end of each light to the hub and the other end to each other to create the circuit. pretty sweet ! I finished the bike around 1am, and the fella who owns the bike was taking it out for a short 170mile spin today leaving at 3am !!!!!!! Hopefully my 10 minute test ride was enough !!! The lights were sweet though. And i were ever into doing Breve's i'd have to copy his Ramboillet set-up.

Blogger debaser said...
Wow... Those hubs are something else. Figures that someone would be making a high end set up like that. Seems pretty heavy though?

Never seen a rivi in person. Would like to.

Blogger debaser said...
I take that back, I saw a pair of 'em once. In the woods.

Blogger redstone said...
Called Hayes - it was a factory machining error. Nice. Oh well, I just box up all the parts, send it in for warranty, and get a refurbished, newly bled system.