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Tuesday, June 21
i'm back
Lyons Chad droppin it. This is where we were headed on the Fest rain ride but we didn't make it this far.

Blogger Chaybo said...
nice manure...uh, i mean manuever. What's LC riding these days...looks like either a rocky mountain or Jamis. I thought he was throwin down for the human catapult !!

: )

Blogger Wolfman said...
That's what I call 'Dropping in!'

Blogger redstone said...
He's on a Rocky Mt Slayer. Pretty nice bike and he rides it well. I wish we could have gotten up to this area at Fest time. It's a pretty on the lowdown trail so I don't want to take the masses there. This particular trail is my new favorite.

Blogger mg said...
you better take me up there next time i'm up there redstone!!! (grrrr...)

welcome back to the realm of the rippin' chadly!! good to hear the collarbone is bonin' up.

heh heh heh... i said "bonin' up."