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Thursday, June 9

i know you guys don't care but your my friends so i'm sharing anyways. i did rewire my record player too. it was a huge pain in the ass and took about a year. procrastination combined with frustration. very small wires thru the tone arm. 36gauge to be exact. that's small.  Posted by Hello
Blogger thad said...
not ever having done it but having thought about it a lot- re-wiring a tone arm would be a pain in the ass. just properly mounting and adjusting a cartridge is a pain. what mw is not telling you is that part of the reason he hasn't had time for his projects is that he's busy working on my audio stuff. he has patiece that i do not.


Blogger bdiddy said...
Thad I witnessed the beginings of a filter cap mod on your amp. If the 36 AWG is kinda tight i have color coded spools of 38 AWG :) Wish i had the time and money for a couple audio projects! Might have to go a watch wills build these up.