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Thursday, June 30
Laramie Enduro: Bike shop brawl?
So, eveyone's halfway through training, right? Cause it's a month away already.

Me, Brian, Chad, Dave, Wierwien, and who else is planning on this?

Might there be any interest in entering the Bike Shop Brawl as a Redstone Barn/Red Barn Stone/Honker Hangar team? It could include up to seven people, and registration for the group is only $25 more for the group over registering individually (which split 5 ways is nothing).

Thoughts? Feelings? Repressed desires?
Blogger bigmech said...
Keep twisting my arm, I might actually be convinced it will be fun.

Blogger redstone said...
brawlin' it uuuuuuuuup...

Blogger htop said...
the topper has put in for some vacation and was wanting to attend. still have to enter though.

Blogger Chaybo said...
i'm back on the fence on wether or not i'm doing it. I'd like to and Johnson expressed some interest also but gawd dangit, a 12 hour drive in the civic just doesn't sound very appealing right now.


the ventana IS set-up in racer mode right now.....100mm Minute, 4" rockers, and a pair of stupid light Schwalbe Fast Freddie tires.

shit...count me in.

Anonymous posthole said...
training? what's training? I figue i will just sag the rest of it. Afterall, a couple of you did that last year.

I may show up to grill some food.