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Tuesday, June 14
Climbed above Boulder tonight. Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
Gps said 2300 feet of climbing, 16 miles. I got beta on some sorta secret stuff. Good, steep, loose, sorta stuff. Not epic, but a nice after work ride.

Blogger mw said...
you'd have to go alot further then 16 miles to get 2300ft of climbing on an after work ride around here.

nice pic.

maybe see 2300 cows?

Blogger debaser said...
a foriegner would say: see 2300 fields of corn.?

Get swiped by 2300 nettle plants?

Blogger mg said...

Blogger mw said...
2300 fat people

2300 F150's

2300 check cashing places

2300 gas stations

2300 gravel roads