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Tuesday, May 31
Going away party for Mike and Tara!

Going away get together for Mike and Tara Wenesday night at Yia Yia's. Come down and have a slice of pizza and beer with the em! I sure am going to miss these two! I might even miss MICK? Come down bout 8 o'clock to celebrate and wish them luck on their voyage!
Blogger debaser said...
Congratulations Mike & Tara!

Blogger J.R.A. said...
Mike, when do you actually leave?

We need to get a going a way ride in as well for both of you guys.

See ya tonight


Blogger magic said...
We are leaving Friday morning. A ride may not be possible. We have family stuff tomorrow night and then we are gone.

Blogger htop said...
i will miss you guys. i was putting in a ceiling fan and i am not as talented as others and it took me most of my night. you both take care

Blogger Wolfman said...
good luck to both of you and thanks for the memories. especially the inflating of the tractor tube to go sleding down the damn at Holmes Lake. funny shtuff Mike!!

Blogger debaser said...
If they've managed to wire that internet thing to MT I'll want to hear about your adventures. And keep posting that crazy shittalking you do so well!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Damn i'm tearing up this is really going down!?!

Just talked to Mike. Max speed in the Pickup is 65 mph. They are hoping to stay the night in Billings.

Travel safe!