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Monday, May 2

Cheese balls on Crazy Creek Trail.
Blogger Wolfman said...
this turned out great...on the move and able to click one off behind and over the back. i am impressed!

Blogger mw said...
musta been the one smooth part of the trail. one hand off the bars on those other parts would have sent you off the trail it looks like.

Blogger mg said...
LICK IT UP! Lick it up. Whoa-oh-oh!!

yeah dude,

Blogger Chaybo said...
just making sur i was cent-ered ; )

should have seen bdiddy come back down this trail....either his shorts were on fire or he was in hurry to get back to nebraska ??? Either / OR .... he was rockin' the new steed.

Blogger bigmech said...
Bdiddy has skills.