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Tuesday, May 17
Tonights ride was pretty fun. Despite the wind, we had a ride going that was 5 guys strong. It was the regulars, so it was a pretty good crew. We rode up to Hall and up the main trail, the rocky one. After a loop at the top, Debaser opted to head back home. Canada Ben's allergies were bugging him so he took off, too. That's where the ride got more eventful, as it were.

continued in the comments (long story)...
Blogger redstone said...
The three remaining were myself, Chad, and Christian.

My buddy Chad's a pretty fast guy. After last year's 'Fest and Crosier Mt ride, he decided that he should option out of his SID equipped XC bike and into something bigger - like 5 inches of travel. He's been riding his Rocky Mt Slayer for the past year. Well, it turns out that Dale has an extra Dale's Pale Maverick in Chad's size and Chad's had some Maverick envy happening. After working out arrangements with Dale, Chad was test riding it for the first time on tonights ride. He's got a smooth and fast riding style and likes to jump. A lot.

Anyway, we were coming around the very last part of the loop and there's a section where you can launch from one rock and clear about 10 feet of rocks and roots. It's fun and it's the type of thing you just do and don't think about. I'm about 6 feet off of Chad's wheel when we hit it. Something goes awry, though, and his rear wheel just launches skyward. About when the front wheel is 2 feet off the ground and the rear wheel is higher than my head, I hear a very audible "Ooooooh Noooooooo!!!!" as Chad flies thru the air. Chad goes down fucking hard and rolls, barely missing the bike as it falls back to earth. He got up pretty quick, though, so it looks like we were okey dokey. We were not. Chad, very nonchalantly, says, "Umm, I think I broke my collarbone." He said it didn't hurt too bad, though, so we crossed our fingers and started to ride out. A little ways down the trail and he was grimacing in pain. Christian boogeyed back to his car and I rode out the easy way with Chad. By the time we made it down to the road, he says, "I think I need to go to the emergency room - it's starting to feel crunchy in there." Ouch. We made it to the pavement and started to roll down Apple Valley road. Just as Chad is rolling up his shorts to unveil a 3" long deep bloody gash in his leg, what crosses the road 20' in front of us?

A big 'ol friggin mountain lion, that's what. The cat just flowed across the road. So smooth. Big, too. Probably a bike length long and mid thigh high - it was huge. We ducked into a nearby driveway to warn some folks out in their yard before we rolled on. As if the broken collarbone wasn't enough!

I'll remember this ride for a loooong time.

Blogger mw said...
that's too much excitement for one ride. damm.

Blogger mg said...
Holy shit dude... I'm glad you guys made it outta' there alive.

I'll be bummed to not be able to get to see Chad's smooth, flowy style at this year's FTF. I hope he heals quickly.

Damn mountain lions... He was like a big 'ol steak sitting there too. Man, you guys are lucky.

Good story Davey,

Blogger debaser said...
Super sucktacular. I guess cats can smell blood? Did the theme to jaws jump into your head?

That'll teach Chad to ride the "slow way" around the loop! Here's to hoping Dale doesn't make him buy that bike for a while...

Blogger htop said...
i thought i saw something when we were there in october, talking to that couple by your redstone sign. i didnt say anything, because i didnt want to be the flatlander who was freaking out, "did you guys see that movement over by those rocks!!".

it must be something about tuesdays, 2 weeks ago, i almost get eat'n by a pit bull in malcolm. last night i was about 15 seconds away from a tree that fell in wilderness, thank god for my pee break.

Blogger redstone said...
update - it was just a seperated shoulder. Chad has to go the orthopedic guy to get an idea about recovery time. Still have our fingers crossed for fest ride attendance. Be assured he'll be there for the party though. He told me he can still operate a keg with his left hand.

Blogger mg said...
hell yeah... with the skills he reportedly has, he could probably ride with us one-handed anyway!