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Wednesday, May 4
a few sights along my ride today.
OK, you'll have to use your imagination for this one. Road ride from work, Olde Stage to Lefthand to Lee Hill for those of you with maps or good memories. 90 minutes from work round trip, 2 significant climbs.

1. Heading north out of town I caught up with what appeared to be the CU women's road team. Eight hotties on very nice rides cruising out of town. I sat back and enjoyed that!

2. An old Ford truck, much like the bdiddy's dads. The tailgate was repainted to say:

LORD (instead of Ford)

3. The last climb of the day, heard it before I saw it, a new BMW 645 revved up and sounding oh so pretty. I love bikes, but I like cars a whole lot and this was a sweet sounding car!

That's pretty much it. For the record, according to the ride today, I'm getting older and slower. I don't like that one fucking bit.
Blogger mw said...
3 laps at platte for me. we had a small rain shower in the early morning that set the dirt up perfect. our new re-route, cut with the help of IMBA turned out perfect. makes the lap more pleasing as you don't dread the two bitch climbs.

Blogger bdiddy said...

Sounds like a good ride. i need to bring my ol rode bike out and hit the asphalt with you sometime!

That sounds real close to my dad's pickemup truck except his says:


Oh yeah i just got your phone message this morning. It made me laugh :) Gonna ride platte today i know your jealous!

Blogger debaser said...
Platte? Yeah, I miss Platte.

Riding again today: Hopefully the Church Trails...