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Friday, April 13
Y'all are invited

Homey ride on Sunday, as usual. Hope to see lots of you guys out!
Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the invite Dave. The bad news is I think I'm going to miss the the LFTF two years in a row. I think you will understand I just got the clearence to go to the Sasquatch Music Festival. This will be the BBOYS only appearence in the US this year and who knows maybe their last show. You know those fookers are getting old! The family will be out to the Front range at the end of July for a visit. Anyone thinking about going should. Dave always rolls out the red carpet.

Blogger debaser said...
thats going to be a sick show.

Blogger redstone said...
We're going to miss you Bdiddy! Have fun at that show, looks sick. I'd be down with seeing about any show in that venue. Make sure to bring your bike out there.

Don't worry, we'll roll out the red carpet in July, too!

Blogger MG said...
it's still pretty up in the air about whether we'll be able to attend this year. relatedly, dave, i know i owe you a call. sorry i haven't called you back yet dude... it's been a long last few days for us, as i know you know. there's good news though!

Blogger Chaybo said...
i bummed.....the devalls will be missing the party this year. But we'll catch you coloradans on the rebound.....we'll miss you though. Have Fun !!!