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Wednesday, February 28
I added a few more links on the sidebar. If anybody has any suggestions for builders that should be up there feel free to suggest any and all. For all you suckas that want to lurk and not post any comments then you should just go check the link to Bob Browns Cycles lugged 29er MTB frame. That just might make you want to talk about bikes for a while.

I think that most of these builders will be attending the NAHBS. I happened to metion to chaybo several months ago that I would love to go to this thing. Looks like everything is falling into place for it to happen. We will be leaving Thursday afternoon picking another up in Idaho falls and driving straight through to Cali. I hope to bring back some good photos.
Blogger mw said...


oh yes!

Blogger debaser said...
You, sir, are a very lucky dude. Take a blindingly large amount of pictures, and post everyone of them.

Blogger debaser said...
Oh, how ablout Peacock Groove. Check out that seattube!