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Sunday, February 25
fast s**t

i was a bit worried with the conditions hovering around freezing but the skiing was fast and fun with some manuvering around downed limbs and large pond sized semi frozen puddles and mud. DeButchie and i skiied the hiker side from the 14thst lot. maybe we'll get some more snow for some monday night ski action.
Blogger mw said...
can i request soulcraft on the sidebar in the sopwamtos list. remember sean hosted the awards last year...?

Blogger bdiddy said...
It was going up just haven't got there yet!

I was and probably am still going to do a post with recommendations for the sopwamtos links. So if anybody reading in has a suggestion lay it on me! If it fits in it'll get in!

Sounds like good times on the skis. What did you get for a prize at the CFK? Looked like it was a purdy good time.


Blogger debaser said...
I've had super good times on the skis this winter, up until last Monday when I pressed my luck in above freezing temps and headed offtrail. I fell more that day than I've fallen all year.

I'm really loving skiing this season. Glad to see some others are getting out too. Bring those and your bike out here for a double action weekend.

Blogger bgcycles said...
Under SOPWAMTOS you should add...
Yep, it's the real deal.