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Tuesday, April 7
South Side Road Loop

I have been wanting to do this 60 mile road loop for a while. Its basically 20 miles of road and 40 miles of gravel and dirt. I knew I was pushing the envelop on the dirt portion being dirt. It ended up being slop but it was a good ride and I'll do it again before may.

Crossed under I90 at Petty Creek Road. The 9 mile saloon which is where I planed on filling up on water and nerd ropes was still on winter hours and I was there about an hour and a half early. Last chance for nerd ropes but the low matinance southside road was ahead.

Blogger magic said...
To get to where Tara and I lived at the fire station back there I believe you have to take a right turn in that picture where the bridge used to cross the road. It is BEAUTIFUL back there, just a little lonely for me.

Blogger redstone said...
Looks like my kinda road ride.

Blogger debaser said...

Is that near where that old dam used to be? Saw it on some PBS show a while back.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I think you are talking about the milltown dam. That is about five miles east of Missoula on I-90.