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Wednesday, December 3
We headed back to Washington for Thanksgiving. Used to be, the inlaws had an extra car and I had more free time (no kid), so I'd rent a bike, drive the car out to Capital Forest (super fun) and disappear for an afternoon or two,

Now, the transportation is gone, time is short, but I still need to get away. So, after a very brief deliberation, I shipped the $100 Gt road bike to the inlaws. Tada! Insta-ride from the doorstep. I spent a couple days putting together a nice 20+ mile route, in the rain and 45 degree weather.

It's pretty spectacular road riding. The main road has a 6ft shoulder most of the way, and the neighborhood routes have next to no traffic. Lots of views of the sound between the trees. The side roads and shoulders have a couple interesting factors: wet ground up leaves and moss growing right on the asphalt.

The rest of these are from Steamboat Island, at the end of the road.

Blogger Chaybo said...
looks like you had a good ride word for you. Fenders.

Blogger sda said...
I have several words for you and they are these: gt road bikes are teh gay. ;).

Looks like fun though, in a moped bandit kind of way.

Blogger redstone said...
Good call on the fenders, Chaybo. Maybe some knobs for traction on the moss, too. How much clearance you got there debaser :)

Blogger debaser said...
NOt much clearance, clarence. I never got too wet with the drizzle, so I wasn't too bummed. I did pass a guy on a ti ride w/fenders and thought to myself, "smart."

Blogger Chaybo said...
oh hell yeah....squeeze'em in, get a haksaw and turn dat byotch into a cx bike...she can handle it

OR you could take a peek at dem SKS raceblades.