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Monday, October 1
Getting Lost
After a few too many weeks of heading into the great known, it was time for a little getting lost.

On a Labor Day Weekend ride, I was running late and had to head off trail to a known road escape route to get back to the Jeep, pronto, to avoid being way too late (I was already plenty late as it was). Cruising along on the road, I saw some movement in the woods and what do I see but 4 riders carrying bikes out of a very ordinary part of the woods. Being late as I was, I mentally marked the spot.

This Sunday I was looking for an off the beaten path adventure, and I found it. A lot of it, and lots more to discover. Think 5 way intersection in the woods - and only time to explore 3 of them.

Blogger thirtyfourtwenty said...
huh? what? huh? secrets don't make friends! do weekend!!

Blogger sda said...
hey fucker you shoulda called me about that.

Blogger debaser said...
Yeah, you guys woulda liked getting lost.

And i'm still waiting on the invite to FtFun

Blogger sda said...
i got your invite right here:

i'm here, its here, your not.

there, your invited.

Blogger debaser said...
Is the beer fridge stocked?