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Tuesday, February 1
Fresh off the boat!

I myself go for the imports but I like eye candy. This is the 2007 Ford Shelby GR1 concept car. If Ford decides to put it into production, potential buyers can expect to pay around $200,000 for it. The entire exterior of the car is polished aluminum, and it has liquid cooled LED headlights.
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Blogger bigmech said...
What do you think it would take to polish that baby! I am guessing at least two cans of polish (nuvite?)

Blogger bdiddy said...
Nuvite that's stuff's the bomb! Best way to polish aluminum. That's what I used on that set of veloce hubs. I should give Hightop a little dab for that dull looking fork crown! Got a can of C and a can of S in the cleaning products bin in the bike room at home.

Blogger debaser said...
Does it come in a wagon?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Holy socks Batman!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Don't worry boy wonder we will get the Batmobile down off of the wood crate!