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Sunday, February 20
Nerd Rope?
Welp another good weekend no pics from me this time! Sierra turned 4 Saturday so we had a B-day party at the eggar indoor play center on 27th and A street. We had the joint filled up pretty good. Zoe and the Montana Trio would have had a good time and they were surely missed! They have a carpeted area around the play maze thing and it was looking like a tricyle crit in there I avoided being hit a few times. The kids got pretty juiced up and played hard but Dad fell asleep at 9pm?

I didn't get to ride on Saturday. I called the crew and set up a meeting time and place and it started raining. So I had to back out to help with the bday stuff. The crew meet up in the afternoon for a ride though and they all showed up for the party.

We planned a ride at the party for Sunday and we got it hooked up! 6 man crew heading out into grey skies wind and purdy soft gravel roads. Boy I was like the human Yo-Yo of the back of the group today. I think i was doing tricks back there like walk the dog :0 Thanks guys for bringing back to the group. Well the the turnaround point was the store in Malcolm. We picked up one more rider for the way back. We all got some pop and snacks and sat down inside to gobble them up! I look across the way and mg is pulling this crazy friggin thing out of the package. I was a Nerd Rope? 12" Sour gummy worm coated in Nerd candy! I was amazed! mg must have main lined that thing because as soon as he hit the road he was gone! I didn't see em for the rest of the ride!

It was good to get out with a group that size. I enjoyed the conversation and the pedaling as well. I seemed to have been bit with the bike bug earley and hard. I just can't wait to get out and ride my BIKE!
Blogger debaser said...
Just yesterday I was telling the story about that Wednesday morning ride, sprinting for the Malcolm sign when a spoke broke on the rear wheel of that Cannondale I was riding and it locked the rear wheel.

I hope you got some Corn Nuts.

Blogger redstone said...
I laughed out loud at that one. I need to look into this "Nerd Rope." It sounds painfully good.

Blogger mg said...
b-diddy -- that was a very good ride, in the old-school tradition too. that route certainly brings back the 'ol memories...

... now, about that nerd rope. don't be givin' away my secrets like that dude! i can't have everyone knowing that they're the secret juice, or my advantage will be lost! maybe we should just scratch this whole thread... yeah, that's the ticket.

can't wait 'til we're rippin' the singletrack epics in fruita! it's only 37 days 'til launch.


Blogger mg said...
oh, and don't worry guys. i'll be bringin' the nerd ropes to fruita too! you'll feel the power!

Blogger htop said...
kindof like vegas. what you know about the nerd rope shall not be shared with the masses.

Blogger mg said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i heard those ropes are also good for holding down broken saddles!