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Saturday, February 12

It's late! I had a damn good time Lincoln sure does have a cool bike scene! Oh ya and the wolfman won this Lemond Fillmore! He gave the tickets to Melissa because he had to go home. First ticket drawn yup that's right the wolfman. Dude makes his first comment on the blog today and wins a kickass bike. There's carbon up and down this biaaaaatch and the flip flop up. This will be the wolfman what do I want to ride today hmmmmmmmm fixed gear ok no wait i changed my mind I'll ride it single speed. You are a winner if i wasn't such a good friend I would have claimed the darn thing for myself. oh well congrats wolfman I dig this bike alot. I will throw up some details tomorrow gotta crash now.
Blogger debaser said...
I love all the niche bikes coming onto the market these days! flipflop hubs, single speeds, 9'ers, 9'er singles.

I've read some of then hype around that movie you Lincoln-ites were building up, sounds like a kick ass time. Would be even better if Wolfman were to divide up his winnings here!

Blogger bdiddy said...
I even called him from the bar last night right after they called his number and he accused me of just trying to talk him into coming back down to the bar to drink beer. So this morning I just spent like 30 minutes on the phone with the wolfman. Trying to convince him that he won the fillmore. Melissa had to get on the phone and convince him finally.

Blogger Chaybo said... lucky bastard !! Awesome, just awesome ! Who donated the bike for the raffle, i'd say that's pretty damb cool too ?

how about some close-ups of wolf's fillmore


Blogger scott showen said...
that bike is so cool... i thought i was gonig to win it for sure..

Blogger debaser said...
bdiddy, you didn't pull the, "well if you don't want it can I have it?" line?

Dude, you so could have scammed that bike right out from under him!

Blogger redstone said...

Nice one Wolfman, congrats.

That's a hell of a bike.