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Tuesday, February 8
Last ride for a while?

Ok there blogladites here is another story from Saturday. Somehow we got a ride going on saturday seemed like we wern't gonna pull it off at first. Since we were suppose to meet at Hightop's at high noon for departure and as of half past eleven no word from bigmech who was suppose to ride over with me. So I rang him up on his cell. "Dude i gotta drop my dog off first and I just hit the interstate" Yo man you were way late! I would bust your balls a little more but as it turned out you being late made it possible for jra to go. So Hightop on his way over and bigmech's off the hook! So i was running around gettin reading as everyone showed up. The way i figure if peps are running late that gives me more time to chill listen to some tunes and drink more coffee. Everyone's here lets roll out. Ride departs and looks to be a normal gravel ride except its like 60 degrees with gusts of wind from the south coming in around 30+ mph. Headed east on South through the hood. Past the crazy dude with all the rocks in his front yard. WTF? If you know what I am talking about do you see a line through his yard because I do and i'm gonna hit one of these days. Basically hit 98th street south straight into the wind turned left on wittstruck rd and came out in bennet. Hard as hell and that's all the farther south we made it. I vote cross wind east. Ran into a dude in bennet that sells old bikes. Scott? I think i'm bad with names. He had his shed doors pulled open and had a bunch of crusier stuff in there front to back top to bottom. Was fun looking but I had to get a pop had a small breakfast and this thing started out harder than expected. We snacked and conviced Hightop to head east with the wierd cross tail wind. There were a couple of gusts that hit my wheel weird going down a couple of those roads that elevated my heartrate because I was already kinda leaning into the wind and then had to correct for the gusts. Somewhat scary! So for everyone following in the NE gazetteer(little bit of a map geek here). We were east on CR G and headed into Eagle on CR 2. Damn good road minumum mant. packed and hard with a serious tail wind! Hit 40+ mph a couple of times then we hit a couple of those one vehicle bridges with the gaps that could swallow a 2.1 going fast that fast and trying to stay on one of those planks well thats enough to make Hightop wear his specs! Came back in on the Moflat which had some serious soft spots that sucked the rest of the energy I had. Door to door I think I had 45 miles. It was an average gravel ride until we were about 6 blocks away from splitting the group up when Snap crackle pop ching ching ching HIGHTOP goes DOWN! the top is on the ground and we all go to help he's on the ground and starts shouting DON"T TOUCH ME GIVE ME SOME ROOM! It was like and injured animal get away or I will attack! So the tops seatpost binder bolt broke and he went straight back the bike flipped up in front of him the only thing I can compare it to was that little motorcycle dude on excitibike video game if ya gave him to much gas he would just completly flip over backwards. That's what the top did alright. I've seen posts break in my day. I mean hell how many tamers are out there:) but I've never been directly behind someone when it has happend. When the aluminum parts hit the ground the sounded so much like glass shattering I thought a bottle hit the ground. Picked up all the pieces parts and the top got his wits about him him and pedelled the 6 blocks to my place and got a ride home. It gives me bad feelings to think about that bolt giving out when we were doing about 35 - 40 mph. The top went to the docter the next day and he put a soft cast on homeboy. Fill us in with the details Hightop. Sorry for the long write up just for a gravel ride but it was eventful and the snow is falling again! Who knows when we will get another long ride in like this. I'm glad I was able to take advantage and get out and ride. Get that wing all healed up Hightop so when the good weather comes back we get some more riding in!
Blogger debaser said...
We invade Europe here!

Sucky, man, and with that repainted beautiful bike wanting to get ridden...

Blogger redstone said...
Love the story bdiddy. Great write up. Not such a great ending, though. That sucks, Hightop. What's the damage? Heal up soon, man.

Blogger mg said...
good tamer reference there kirkdog... i've never plowed my ass into the ground after one of those freaking things broke... no, never.. (yea right...)

sorry to hear about it happening to you HT. looks like you'll be tradin' your sidis for air jordans for a while, 'eh?

get well soon brother.


Blogger htop said...
well, i am kindof ok. i had another doctor appointment and there is no break in my hand or wrist, just a bad sprain and sore at times. my tailbone (i have never felt pain like that) is still tender, but it feels better. both the wrist and the butt are gonna be sore for a long time. i'm so happy, because the topper cant stay locked in house for even one day without going crazy. some of the boys witnessed me in my "injured animal" state, its not pretty. thanks to crew for letting me lay on the pavement and soak in the adrenaline and pain, not sure what i would have done if you would have touched me. i dont know what kindof riding i will be doing and this might set me back a little, but, i can still give it a go on the trainer.

thanks for the shout outs.


Blogger redstone said...
I was going to make a comment about both the wrist and the butt being sore, but I'll resist. Glad to hear nothing's broken at the very least!

Blogger 3p0 said...
sorry about your pain there buddy.
what post were you riding, tamer pivot plus,, maybe I'll resist riding that thing next cross season, or was it a tamer teloscopic? don't recal the name.

it could be worse, it could be mid spring when the riding is perfect, and you coulda broke it real good.
maybe it'll be shitty out for a while and you'll be laid up with the wing just long enough for everything to dry up and it to get warm again.

get well soon.