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Friday, February 25

moonrider route

The Thursday evening full moon was in full effect. I started just off of Neva Road, the parking lot at the very furthest point. The trail meandered south around a lake and eventually made it's way all of the way into the foothills just north of Boulder. From there, turnaround, then back into the Boulder Reservoir Area, and North again, this time around the east side of the lake and thru some pasture land and trophy homes. Finally, after just a short time on the road and I was back to the car. It was a great ride.

I had my lights, but it was so bright that I rode without them all of the way to my turnaround point in Boulder. The moon was so bright that there were times I was chasing my shadow down the trail. From the car and around the West side of the lake, the singletrack was baby's butt smooth and made of a hardpack swath about 10" wide. I never remembered that trail being so good!

I was on the Flux tonight - man, that's a real way to test out how intuitive a bike feels! I was big ringing a moonlight ribbon of singletrack with no lights and felt completely at home on the Flux. It just felt right, you know. Anyway, we're meeting up for some riding on Sunday AM, too.

Hope everyone out there has some good rides this weekend!
Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the map and profile. Sounds like you had fun! I had a ride plan for Thursday but it fell through(We got some nasty cold going around here).That's alright I just rode over and grabbed a cup of Sumatra from the mill south and rode around and waited for the moon to rise. It was worth it!