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Friday, February 4
Product test!

I decided I would try out one of the Soma Coffe Mugs that was pictured earlier on the blog. I got it on Wenesday and decided that I needed to try it out right away. I figured I would install it and bring it along on the 8.5 mile commute to the airport. I rode to this point on campus and took this pic. It's been a bit slow so I had it cleared that I would be in a little late. I normally wouldn't have time to jack around and take pictures! So after this point I went down to the Mill and filled up my new mug. It's a nice stainless steel mug. Nice but in my arsenal of coffee mugs I would have to place it at my third favorite. The reason it doesn't place higher is because it has some corny saying on it "My other legal stimulant is my bicycle" Sayings like this that printed on clothing or other personal belongings just are not my thing. That's cool I got a Chris King sticker in the shipping package along with a giant platic sack, a dirty shop towel, a nipple, and a couple pieces of trimmed off cable housing. The sticker will perfectly cover the saying on the mug. Ya know I didn't even know the little phrase was on there until the chick at the Mill Like bent here neck to read it and that's the first time I saw it. Well the holder mounts on with this cool little cateye light bracket. I just mounted it up real quick the night before and took off in the morning no testing what so ever. Once I got the cup filled up what's the first thing I do well I go right off of a curb of course and with a little bit of speed. Coming over the new bridge by the ball diamond. Well I must not have had the bracket tight enough because the cup rotates 90 degrees towards me and is throwing coffee all over my knees oh well have to change at work anyway. I tightened it up and it didn't budge after that I also relized that the cup would have been better mounted front facing just in case. So I made it to work with about three fourths a cup of coffee and one he!! of a wet coffee stained knee and a big smile on my face because I got a new bike related toy. The only thing I really liked about having this thing on my bike for the commute was the two stop lights between the mill and work I could drink coffee while I waited! Sitting at a stop light on my bike maybe 25 degrees out and hot coffee. Nice! I think I will get the best use out of this new tool on the weekends when I can calmy cruize over to the Mill south pick up a cup and chill on the ride back. Not useful on my commute since I have mill beans a grinder and coffee press a work anyhow! So I stopped and got a cup of coffee to drink when i got home the ride home was much more chill so no spillage!
Blogger Chaybo said...
good shit brian.... tracy and i had a good laugh !

Blogger redstone said...
Yeah. Funny that. That looks like a perfect commuter tool to me. I can picture you spilling the coffee, too. I laughed.

Blogger debaser said...
Nice right up. Ranks right up there with a good singletrack story.

If I've got time, when I ride to work, I pick up coffee about 2 blocks away, and slide the coffee into the seattube mounted bottle cage. I get a little coffee splashing about in those 2 blocks, and damn does hot coffee sting!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
nice pic dude,
that just rocks.

dude, you gotta stop by the bricktop one of these nights so I can buy you a beer and sit down and chew the fat.
couple of old styles on me.
I work
thurs, fri, sat, (and sometimes even sundays.)

no more of this chattin on line dude,
we gotta have a beer together.