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Friday, February 18
NOS Croll on Ebay?!

So debaser won the 14.5" Croll that has been on Ebay for the last week! I have been looking at that thing all week and even showed it to Mel. Damn beer, bikes, and fun! I was having such a good time last night I forgot all about the darn thing. Well its probably better this way. It would have sucked to have been bidding heads up with a homeboy! You got a super sweet deal on that thing and I can't wait to see it built up over the memorial weekend! Here's another Croll picture to tide you over while you wait for the guy in the big brown truck!
Blogger debaser said...
That's a very sweet pic.

Yeah, Zana's going to have a new frame, and a bunch of other stuff I've been gathering for a while, eyeing for her new ride. I may actually downbuild the Parkpre and get her going soon after I recieve it.

Funny: You were watching it, and then I got an email from Rick saying he watching it too. We're addicts, I tell you. About the only thing better would be a 17 or 19 so I could ride one again...