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Saturday, February 12

After the movie at the Bricktop! I've got a story about getting this table i'll put er in the comments.............................
Blogger Chaybo said...
somebody die ?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Well we walked over to the bricktop right after the movie hoping to get a table. Man ever which way I looked it was somebody that I knew because of cycling and everybody had smiles from ear to ear! It was just great!

The first table that we picked was kinda low and in the middle of everything. Magic and I got in the intial long ass line to get drinks and he pointed out that a cooler highback table appeared to be open against the wall. I was understood exactly what he was talking about and all he did was elbow me and point. So I left him in line with the drink order and went over to find out the status of the table. There was a big bench along the back wall the was split and shared by the two table sitting next to each other the other side of the table had 3 or 4 barstools. Well there was already a bunch of peps there and the bench had coat lying on it with at least half of the coat laying on the empty tables bench.

So I ask the table "Hey is anybody sitting at this table?"

Rude chick: "Ya my Mom is!"
Nice chick sitting across from here nodes no with an embarrassed look.

Well bdiddy had 2-3 beers at the wrench and before i took in all of the info that just happen and the fact that there were some mom and dad types at the movie. I said

"Oh your moms sitting here thats cool!

rude chick: "Ya thats right my moms sitting right there!"
nice chick: repeats expression and nodding no

bdiddy: It clicks in my brain that this chick is being a biatch

I go to the table right behind them and tell the girls " Hey guys there is a better table over here by these really nice girls!"

My sarcasm was not enjoy by the receiving party nearly as much as by bdiddy!

rude chick: " Hey why don't you just FUCK OFF!!!!"
cool chick: " don't listen to her there's nobody sitting there."

I should learn to can my sarcasm it sometimes does't work out to be funny for all parties envolved. But she was being an equal smartass. The girls took over the seat and by the time magic and I came back with drinks the chicks had left I think she emabarassed the heck out of her friend. Oh well we went on to have lots of fun for the rest of the evening rude chick could't have taken my smile away no matter what!

Blogger redstone said...
That's funny dude. At least it wasn't smokey, too.