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Friday, February 18

Monkey wrench custom SS chainguards get em at a dealer near you! Here is mine getting the the size lazer etched onto it. MW94BCD36. Thanks Dan!
Blogger debaser said...
That's serious.

Seriously cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh sure Dan..........chainguards....where are my moto tank badges???

Anonymous Anonymous said... tank badges? a bunch of hoodlums dressed in monkey suits kidnapped me and forced me to partake in a fluid replacement ritual involving sixteen ounce cans...I do not recall the activities after that up until I was thrown from a quiet two wheeled vehicle made from what seemed to be unobtanium.


Blogger scott showen said...
"mini me, quit humping the lazer" that was fun last night, we owe you some beers dan... some of the guys at my work were checking out the new guard on my buss. dan did you find any 110bcd rings with fewer teeth than 34 yet ?

Blogger Chaybo said...
nice shizzit bdidd, and gang...why in the hell wasn't i with you guys ? That looks like too much fun.

Scott...try Truvativ. I've been on the search once before, and struck gold with them. 1-805-787-0917, and if that doesn't work call SRAM since they purchased Truvativ.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
does this mean the dinner ware set is complete with the cane creek candle ware?

Blogger mg said...
thanks for my new monkey guard dan!! it's goin' on the explosif tonight. :-}

it's time to get the word out and get you some bling for those silver beauties! we need to come up with a catchy name for the 'company'... any ideas?

- industrial design (ID)
- howler (a type of monkey)
- dan's dope shit (DDS) - my personal favoriteanyone know if nate and ep made it back from minneapplepuss? i heard they got some snow up that way this weekend (just in time for frostbike).