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Sunday, February 6

went for a nice ride's been a week since my last. And mentally i could tell, when i don't ride i become snappy, and actually at times quite the prick, but man what difference a 3 hr ride does for me. It's like coming down from a serious drug addiction i suppose, and i'm sure a doctor or therapist could make a defense that it really is. Wouldn't get much of an argument out of me that's for sure. So i loaded the mpee3 palyer full of neil young and headed down some of my favorite roads, and felt like bringin' my camera along too just in case some cool shit came along that needed documenting....well nothing really out of the ordinary took place so i took a picture of my shadow (i kind of liked the idea at the time, but now i wonder why i did it ?). Anyway, when i came back through town on my way back home i decided to stop to visit tracy's great aunt and uncle. Uncle Clayton is super cool, and is always trying to force down cheap Fallstaff beer down my neck...i mean as soon as i come in the house he's tossin me one. "Nah ... Claytie...i'm on the bike and i still have 6 miles to go to get home, thanks anyway" i tell him. But this guy just won't take no for an answer, and i once again succumb to peer pressure. We then start talking about tracy's family and their history up here in Montana...friggin crazy to think that my kids are 7th generation 'Bitterooters', and i wonder if that's good or bad :), so i ask Claytie if his father was an outlaw, or came to the wild west via horse carriage and he just smiles. Crazy shit man, crzy shit. Anyway, just thought i'd fill ya in on my sunday....we're loading up the van to go watch the superbowl with some friends, gotta go ! hope everyone else had a good weekend too...........later, Chad Posted by Hello
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Uh.....silly question....maybe we don't want to were you holding the camera???

Blogger debaser said...
Riding is good. History is good. The future sure looks good.

Weren't you the guy feeding me a Zima before a gravel ride?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
dude, I love your guy's blog,
posting pics are the best,
even if they are meaninless, it gives the rest of us something to look at

me, I'm the king of the meaninless crappy pics,
but I'd rather check a blog with lots of pics than lots of words.
cuz i'm a simpleton.

but no seriously, keep the pics comming they are great.

and next year, you'll be sittin back,
checkin the archives, and the pics are what you'll remember.

thanks guys,
see some of you friday night.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Chaybo good little story and I like the biker boogie man picture! What rig did you break out for your three hour tour? We just got rid of all the snow here and Wilderness was looking to be a few days or a good freeze away from being in rideable condition. But its dumping snow now. Looks like everybody will be getting some more use out of their skis. I should have bought some this year. I like doing it but all money is heading in the direction of a new bike.

Blogger Chaybo said...
i took the picture while i was riding zero handed. I tucked my right arm in so you couldn't see it in the shadow. It took me a little while to keep my focus on the road and be able to get the right frame in focus. are worth a thousand words sometimes...that's why i buy magazines.

b .... on the MB-1 once again. Got the fit dialed in and things feel good. The bike puts a smile on my i keep riding it.