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Blogger bdiddy said...
I'm doing the same thing right now. One road set one mtb.

Is this build for your 29'er? What rim are ya using there buddy? Sun CR18? can't quite make it out.

Blogger debaser said...
You got it. Choices are a little limited right now, if I was building in another month or two there's going to be a bunch more stuff on market. These were cheap, okay quality, should get me through to see how much I like this crazy bike.

Forgot about one thing we did this weekend. Stopped by Salida for some za and checked out Absolute Bikes. It's part museum, part shop, attached to coffee shop/beer shop. What was on display? Ritchey's, 5 Stumpjumpers, An American Breezer, XO-1, Matt Chesters, a Proflex w/flex stem, first gen FSR, Manitou fs. Talked to the guy there, he took us around back to show off a Kestral & Slingshot frame they were going to put back into original componentry. That Slingshot was glow in hte dark, a late 80's model. Cool shit!

Anyway, they're pretty big on the 9'er thing there. In addition to some current gf's (2 rigs, Sugar), they had an 'o2 Supercal like mine on the floor for $1799. Damn! Good news, it fits! I'm more stoked to get it together.

They had a Ti Titus Racer X 9'er in back too. I kept walking around just looking at all the goodies everywhere. Fun stuff!

Blogger Chaybo said...
sweet ganz !!

i gotta go there sometime to check out that's been an aweful long time since i've been to salida.

Blogger debaser said...
After being there for lunch, we're making plans to head back. Maybe as soon as a couple 3-4 weeks. There and wolf creek.

Blogger debaser said...
I put another 30 minutes into these tonight. Yeah, DEBASER SUCKS at building wheels, but I can't help it. I really like it, even though it takes me forever to get them to a usable state... Bdiddy, you going disc for the next build, right?

Anyway, to prove how lame I am, I was working the rear pretty well, it's close to true and round, and then I went to the front. Tooling along, feeling pretty smug, and just for kicks I tossed the dishing tool on it. Oh, yeah, it's way off, unusably out of dish. Oh yeah, it's important to check that on a front wheel these days! So, I start working it out, getting it better, toss the tool back on there, and it's worse.

Yeah, I dished it worse. I suck.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow night, once I'm not so pissed about my stupidity, and I've got a beer less in my system.

That's all. Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.