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Tuesday, February 15
Merlin Roots!

I was surfing tonight in a few of my normal hangouts and came across a link to this bad boy! Seems Merlin is only going to make 50 in one size only. Dude it has a Rohloff hub that marvel alone has to be close to $1K. If she was mine I would trim the cables down just a little bit. I always wanted a newsboy. Looks like my chances of getting one these are even less.
Blogger scott showen said...
man those bikes are cool, i have always liked the looks of that top tube. but like you said, the chances of getting one are slim.

Blogger debaser said...
Have you checked out Wily's site? He's making a retro looking frame, and I'm guessing it's sub 1k, not 3k plus, or whatever that thing is. Steel too.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I really like to look at the crusier style bicycles. I'm not sure if my interests in these bicycle is from an "I want to own and ride one!" or "I think its cool that framebuilders are making things like this for others to ride and me to admire in the pages of a magazine." I go to Wily on the regular and they are in my top three for a custom build at this point. When I get another custom steel frame it will definatley be a 9'er and i don't see the Wily cruizer bike having any standover what's so ever. That top tube looks like a nuthugger!

Blogger debaser said...
I don't get the retro cruiser thing in bikes or cars. I'd think pretty hard about Wily for a frame, if I decide to go custom next. In spite of the wait times, I'd concider an Ionic too.

I honestly don't know what I would do though, if I had $x burning a hole in my pocket. I'm really liking all my bikes, a lot, lately.