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Saturday, February 12

There was a pre party at the Wrench. Two 5 gallon keggers monkey piss and monkey nut. Purdy good stuff. This was shortly after five we were meeting up with the magics to get some grub before the flick. It was the most people i've seen in there yet. We got done eating alot earlier that we thought some we decided that we would go back to the wrench and see if there was any beer left. When we came back there were twice the number of people kinda like a bike shop house party! Got another beer and Joey (local artist) made a bunch of these cool punk rock stylee bike patches that he gave out Thanks dude I'll be rockin mines for sure!
Blogger Chaybo said...
that's a dope ass picture

Blogger debaser said...
People always do a double take when I tell them how much fun riding is in Lincoln, and how cool the bike scene is there. This makes me more homesick that mama's home cooking.

Blogger htop said...
i had a good time last night, it was real cool just to sit back and watch everyone talk and hang together. we do have a good scene here in lincoln. thanks for the tshirt, i wish i was the one taking home the lemond fixed gear, i'll trade.