stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Blogger debaser said...
Too many pictures, I know. But it was a great weekend for a road trip.

We loaded up the truckster and headed to Wolf Creek, down in the San Juans. It's far. It's good. Saturday, it was damned near perfect. Big blue skys, lots of fluffy white snow. We played all day. Went back to the cabin, and built some big wheels.

This morning we decided to head out, it was overcast, and colder. Hit some pretty cool places on the way home. First, Zapata Falls. it's about a mile drive up off the highway, and then a 1/2 mile hike to the falls themselves. The falls are 100 feet back in a twisty rock walled canyon. We could hear the water moving underneath us as we hiked up. Couldn't get the scale of the ice in the pictures, but it was big. Cold. A little disturbing, on all that ice. I took a ton of pictures there.

Last stop, Sand Dunes N.P. 37 square miles of Sand, up against 14,000 feet peaks. Damned cold, though, the wind was ripping through there.

Anyway, hope everybody had a good weekend.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Sounds like a real fun trip. Wolf creek that reminds me of the frame darren used to ride back in the day. Do you know if there is any connection between the two?