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Thursday, August 24
stanley for lunch

and a beer or two
Blogger redstone said...
Awesome shots there Chaybo, thanks for posting them. Looks like a superb adventure. It's also great to see Tracy rocking the blog mtb style!

What's up with that beer? Everyone knows that good beer comes out of bottles!

Blogger sda said...
hey that is that little pizza shop in stanley. i was there two summers ago and they had fat tire on tap. first fresh fat tire i'd in a week. and now dales ... thats just too good to be true.

good memories.

Blogger Chaybo said...
this was at a sandwich shop just down the road from Papa Brunee's and in lower stanley, but we did stop at the pizza shop for a bite also...damn good pizza shop for a town of 100 peeps (and 8000 tourists) !