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Sunday, October 1
Moab was fun
I rode Porcupine Rim on Saturday. We shuttled up into the La Salls to start the ride. By the time we reached the top of Porcupine rim, there was already an hour of descending under out belt. It was an epic day, especially fun given that this bike was my weapon of choice:

Turner's new 29er Sultan is surely something else, but I'll have more on that later. I just got home and wanted to share a couple of pics before I crash for the night.

Riding Porcupine Rim with a bunch of Freeridery type guys gave me a new appreciation for some non traditional lines. This is Steve Went, a Boulder area Pro DHer that is sponsored by Turner.
He is a really good rider.
Blogger debaser said...
That's a big line. Glad you had fun. Did you bring that bike back with you?

Blogger redstone said...
I did not bring it back. DT is still on tour with it. I'll have it soon enough, hopefully. I'm eager to check it out on home terrain.

Blogger skinny d said...
thats awesome. steve is a cool dude. i partied with him in keystone at the race this september.

Blogger skinny d said...
did you just see him out there or did you ride with him.

Blogger mg said...
he rode with him. apparently a bunch of turner dealers and a few others met dt in moab for a weekend of riding. check out redstonecyclery dot com's blog for more pics from the trip.

i was lucky enough to ride and hang with dave chase yesterday(sunday).