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Sunday, October 1
The Wayback Machine
i'm excited to head back to Nebraska. I found myself dug into a box of pics and ran across these. The tan van, oh how I miss those days of 6 mpg.

Blogger Chaybo said...
jesus wonder my back used to hurt when i rode that thing. 17" frame with a 410mm post run at full limit. what-a-goof

judging from the Tamer bar ends and visor on the helmet this must have been 94-95 ??

Blogger debaser said...
You sure that wasn't a small 19"? Bar ends averywhere, and a cameo by the thunderchicken. I think that was the weekend at Caves where shouse took a flying leap.

Blogger mw said...
that van was the only vehicle so far in my life to actually make me car sick. if you were in the back the view out the front was about like riding in a small plane.

Blogger mw said...
but i never actually got sick. close tho.