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Monday, October 9
props to JRA!
Mary, the kids and I were back in Lincoln this weekend for a wedding. I had a couple of minutes to kill. on Saturday after dropping Mary and Zoe off at the hair place. I was south, so I stopped in Blues at 33rd and Pioneers. JRA was working. We got talking about sweet t shirts (I was sportin' my new Red Barn shirt). When the subject of the old Navy Honker Hangar shirts came up, Shawndaddy opens up his Jim C issued Blues work shirt to reveal the HH shirt underneath. Sweet baselayer Shawn, and thanks for ridin' the soul shirt next to the skin.

Other than that, the wedding was fun and Wilderness was sweet. I still can't get over the fact that Wilderness sees a ton of traffic and still remains 8" wide. MG led it up in usual style. We went all the way out to Saltillo road, too. I hadn't done that in about forever.
Blogger debaser said...
It's been 3 or 4 years since I'd been to Platte, and I was freaking lost on the horse side the first lap. Very nice loop up that way, and getting to the green gate at sunrise was perfect. We did head over to the waterfall as a dessert loop, and that was extra sweet. Super good memories heading down to the creek, over the bridges and whatnot.

I think it's been about that long since I've been through Wilderness too. I miss those rides. Fun stuff.

Blogger Chaybo said...
j to the r to the mother fuckin a

yep...wilderness park rules. I miss that place this time of the year. Platte too. sniff-sniff

Blogger mg said...
it was good to roll through the park with ya' davey. i was hurtin' from the valentinos tho... ask laura about the gas i had yesterday. it was special... just like the pizza.

next time we ride, how 'bout we make it out at your place? hopefully i'll need to pick my intense up in a little over a month anyway, so there's a convenient excuse for a trip out there.

Blogger debaser said...
Val's is evil. I told you so. Bisonwiches, while not evil, isn't really worth going back to.

Missed you mg. Would have been fun to see you and Laura on bikes or off.

See you in a month.

Blogger mw said...
sorry to miss you dave. hope all is giong well...

Blogger mg said...
we'll see you soon bg!