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Thursday, April 7
droppin onto the rim
This is one of my favorites from my batch. This is right before we headed off onto the Western Rim.

Blogger mg said...
nice davey -- thanks for taking that awesome shot. you're getting good at snappin' jumping pics!

i just sent that off to cory at kona for his enjoyment, and it's now the background of my desktop.

thanks again brother. have a super weekend.


Blogger debaser said...
I got 2 pics of that, both on the bionic bike, both taken a split second late. I'll try to rememebr to email them your way, for your personal enjoyment.

Blogger mg said...
thanks bg! i'm just stoked that we got so many great pics from the trip. i got some great camp shots that i just need to reduce in size -- they're too big to e-mail currently... hopefully tonight.

Blogger redstone said...
I kept that one as a pretty big file. Figured you'd want it that way mg...

I put a couple more pics up on the redstone blog. I'll have more up later.

Blogger mw said...
no! don't say things like "this is one of my favorite shots" when it is one of mg jumping! that just feeds his self image!!! no! no!

Blogger mg said...
yeah dude... my head is starting to feel a little tight in my cubicle here at work. you gotta' stop talkin' that way!!! hee hee hee... :-}

Blogger debaser said...
It's fun to feed him when you see him just twice or 3 times a year. Half the fun is seeing everyone else wince!