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Monday, April 4 racin' action or bike vacation for me. Nope, i just stayed home and ended up taking out my new bike for a little spin that ended up more like a 40 miler. Anyway...i can't wait to hear some stories from this past weekend from ya'll !! Great pictures Ganz..allthough i know you have a boat load more. Share will ya ?
Blogger debaser said...
Oh, I gots some pictures. I only had energy to get a few in.

Nice sasquatch sized bike there. I thought for a moment you'd bastardized your croll.

Blogger Chaybo said...
well now that you are rested get to posting !!!!

The bike is a little big, but remember this bike was made long before 410mm seatposts, and when road geometry was king.

Chrome plated bikes. i also recently scored a chrome plated Goose from 1984, back when depeche mode, and Beasties were king. But this Ross has much nicer components, and actually rides better too !