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Monday, April 4
Weekend update
What a great weekend!

Friday i stopped at my halfway home point and had a few with the boys at the shop!

Gave it a go at racing for the first time in aught 5! I'm not sure if it was the course, the promoter, or all the peps from Lincoln. I sure did have a darn good time. One big ass smile on my face all day! I didn't do extremly well but i finished and that's always my main goal. Those that know me well know that i don't like to quit! The course was great tight twisty and technical. No climbing what so ever just flat out full speed ahead. My all time favorite handlebars were my demise uncut Titec flattracker wasn't fitting threw the trees real well at times. Doesn't help that you would have to go balls out in your big ring and then go into the super twisty stuff hot. I clipped a bunch of trees laid my shoulder into a few more and hit my helmet on one particular low branch on every single lap. I think i freaked CVO out at one point he was on my tail there were 3 or 4 riders in our group and i caught that flat tracker on a tree. We were grooving throught the trees purdy good at that point and i wrapped it up. Jumped back on the bike and eventullay caught back up to the group i was riding with. It was cool watching the the jones bar flow through the forest. I zoned out on it for a bit! Didn't get any original pics so i won't post any! the wolfman captured the fun that was had after the race on the teeter totters.

Sunday got out with the crew minus one(JRA had the super sale and we missed him)for a spin on the road bikes. Then i when i got home i did five nap intervals a intensity level 4! Woke up to pics from fruita that debaser posted ummmmmm ahhhhh i wanna go next time! Can't wait to have this much fun next weekend!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
dude, that was one hell of a fun race, I'd have been on the ground a few times if it had not been for the angles on the jonze bars. Can't wait to get back there to ride her a few times with a crew. See you guys this next weekend.


Blogger htop said...
sunday was a great ride with the guys. something about that ride just flowed and was smooth the entire time. i had a big smile all day after this one. spent sometime on the bike path and relived the ride, oh, a good one. buffalo, town signs, adjusting your stem on the fly and many more. the coach would have been proud. hopefully some of the pics wolfman shot will make an appearance. thanks guys.

Blogger Wolfman said...
i couldn't figure out why bk headed to the rear so fast. i thought you passed one of your shake farts in the wind again. i roll up next to top , now we were clippin' along pretty good into bennet, and top has his tool (tool?) out tightening up his stem. soon i was in the back with bk! i didn't get any of the tatonken grazin' in the corall. i could only picture them (about 15) getin' spooked and that measley 8' fence coming down as they were zeroing in on me. i would be the 'buffalo burger' in the middle of the road!