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Friday, April 15
What would (you) bloggers do?
Blogger debaser said...
Just before getting married, I talked to Zana's boss about health insurance, and he offered to handle my general dental work for free, as long as I covered material costs. Sweet! Over the winter I've spent a ton of time in the chair. I'll spare some of the gory details, but let's say that my root canal paled in comparison to root planing. Ugh... Anyway, I'm one more visit away from being done with about $3,000 of work. Throughout, I've been asking what I owe him, and each time, he asks for a case of beer. Each time, I get him a case of beer. Anyway, he's not charged me for any materials, lab fees to outside vendors, etc.

So... I'm thankful, I've really been taken care of by this guy. (I should say to that he's a good guy in general, we hiked Long's Peak with him this summer to celebrate his 40th birthday.) I'd like to send him a "tip" of some sort, as a thank you. Zana and I agree that he won't accept anything in person, so we'll have to mail it to his house... What's appropriate? Gift certificate to his favorite restaurant? Store? How much?

Any ideas, gents?

Blogger redstone said...
new bike from Redstone Cyclery?

haha. Nah, food is always good.

Blogger mw said...
how about a nice bottle of wine in the 50 range? should be considered a nice gift, eh?

Blogger Snake in Fall said...
Nice blog, here are mine:

Have a nice day!

Blogger Wolfman said...
i wish i had had your dentist. i spent some time in the "CHAIR" from my bad habit of opening beer bottles with my back teeth to wash down the plug or pinch of tobbacky between my cheeck and gum. this is no shit! i had the crowns, root canals and even some sneaky false teeth installed to enhance my purdy grin! MW had a good idea with the wine and maybe some more beers of different palats to enhance the fine cuisine you offer him on a night of fine dining and refreshments. sounds like a helluva nice dude-DDS!