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Sunday, April 10
snowy day
Traffic in the shop today was piss poor. This was to be the first weekend of my extended hours (open til 5 instead of 4). I woke up today to rain changing to snow but the precip ended around 1pm. Skies were still cloudy and grey but the pavement had dried out. I figured to heck with it, I'm shutting 'er down at 4 so I can squeak out a ride, assuming I'd head out on the cross bike. Well, our dirt road wasn't too muddy and I hadn't yet cleaned the Flux from Wednesdays snow recon ride so I decided to check out Hall Ranch to see how it was. Mmmm, good, 100% rideable. couple parts were a little soft but not muddy. It was a good day. The skies parted for me to enjoy my ride. Just as I rolled back into the driveway, flurries were starting again.

This particular section was about as perfect and traction filled as it ever gets:
Blogger bdiddy said...
What time does the shop ride leave? I might have to hit that ride in May!

Blogger redstone said...
Tuesdays at 6pm, but it leaves whenever you want it to if you come out!