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Thursday, April 28
First impressions!

This is a whole new world! First time on Full suspension, disk brakes, and nine speeds! The bike feels real comfortable. By the end of the weekend and nearly 100 miles in the dirt i felt like i was pedalling this bicycle uphill a little better. Pointing it downhill just left a big smile on my face. So many more lines are available now! Cornering at fast and slow speeds seemed good. Oh and i won't be building many more rim braked bicycles! I love having the big ass tires mounted up can't wait to let them roll down the trail at the fat tire fest! Dave are we hitting krosier again? Please! This bike makes me want to drive down to WP and hit the Mountain Goat trail like back in the day!
Blogger mw said...
that bike looks good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ah, welcome to the full suspension world brother. see ya at swanson tomorow i hope...


Blogger mg said...
very nice b-diddy. i bet you're super stoked. can't wait to see it.


Blogger redstone said...
We could definitely hit Crosier again. I've got another day or 2 or recon in a different area before I make the call. Either way, we'll have 2 options far enough apart that it could make a difference weather wise.