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Saturday, September 17
Going Commando
Long day today, up before dawn, In Vail at 9, did Commando. Not all the leaves are turning yet, but soon. This is an great ride, you get way more dh than climbing, and the trail has all the best multiple personalities. Tough climb, great views, swoopy, technical. Good stuff.

Blogger Chaybo said...
good looking ride Ganz.... did you solo it or what ?

Man...i just did my first mtb ride in ovr 6 weeks yesterday. Damn it felt good to get back out on the bike. Tomarrow a few of us are doing the overwhich falls ride. A favorite that starts at 8500ft and over the course of 28miles you dump out at 4200ft ! A friggin blast...and as you can tell i'm purdy damn excited about it.

We've had rain for the past two days so it will be interesting to see what conditions will be like. Pictures to follow.


Blogger redstone said...
Great ride, Brian, thanks for the pics. Looks like conditions were ripe.

Blogger htop said...
nice photo's. when are we going to start printing up the bdiddy 12 month calenders?