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Tuesday, September 6
Roslyn WA

Mike's only request for the weekend was that we drove into Roslyn WA , the sleepy coal mining town that used to be the home for Northern Exposure. Pretty darn cool town that still had small town charm, the buildings on the main st haven't seen a facelift in more than 50 yrs. Lots of thriving gift shops, brewery's and dinners.
Blogger MOD said...
Nice! Sounds like you guys had a nice little trip. Maybe not so little though. How many miles is it over there for guys?

Blogger Chaybo said...
it's about 8 hours and somewhere around 500 miles when you're on the interstate.... i think it took us 13 when taking the sideroads. For some reason the side road route FELT shorter.

Blogger debaser said...
Sideroads rule. Spent hours at 80mph on 2 lane Wyo roads this weekend, passing wayward semis and a town that claimed to have a population of 1 person on their town sign.

Blogger Chaybo said...
sideroads at 80 mph kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it ? Well....unless you're in Wyoming i suppose.

What roads were you on ?

Blogger debaser said...
Got off I-25 near Douglas, East to Lusk, north 80 miles, then east again to Custer. The views were better from I-25, but the highway to Lusk follows a major coal train route, we saw around seven or eight trains running at night with full lights next to the highway in an hour. They were moving at almost 60, loaded with coal, with the brights on. When they see a train coming towards them they click off the brights like we do in cars. I like trains, it was cool.