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Wednesday, September 28
Vegas is super dope -a -rope day down and we're officially drunk 1!! YIppie !!!

Some hippie by the name of Jaqualine Phelan just sat left us after drinkin a few with us...holy moly !!! Man, was she a throw back. Cool as shit though. Banjo and all.

The bikes look good...soulcraft dude was super cool. Bdidd got the whole stash of hats and will be hooking up ALL of lincoln. (long slurp of the drink) , so now we're sitting here, drinking on Shimano's tab...thank-you SUzikiini Moto Shimano .

And now off to Bidd:

haaa haaaa(wiping tears from eyes)

We had a posthole sighting today he had his A game on and i think he even talked chaybo out of 1 bike. His booth looked good. Nail in the coffin was the promise of free beer at the yasiko shimono beer booth!


Maybe pic tomorrow if we sober up!
Blogger debaser said...
Let's see... Vegas, bikes, drunkeness, friends... all that's missing is me. STUPID new job. I hope mr. Bdiddy sees to it that a couple hats make it to CO.

Tell us more, tell us more! You don't have to sober up or nuttin!

Blogger redstone said...
Glad you boys are having a good time down there. Have a few PBRs at the Double Down for me.

Blogger 3p0 said...
Man, I just raised hell on mod's blog about him not givin up anything,

you guys are droppin the ball as well,

give us the goods, pics, info.

punch Tony Toth, and Clark at the Manitu both for Hoss and I.