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Tuesday, September 6

by the time i could get my camera out mg was almost thru crossing. the bridge was about as i remembered. maybe in a bit worse condition and the road was much more foliage covered then i remember. Posted by Picasa
Blogger MOD said...
That bridge is just soooo sweet. What's the story with it and the road that it's on? How'd you guys find it last year?

Blogger mw said...
it just happened to be on the route last year. this year we did the same route backwards. i believe it is 730road (east-west)in the county to the east of gage. whoa. its out there. its on the same east west line as the prison in techumseh. right?

Blogger Chaybo said...
i agree...seeing pics of this bridge never gets old.

sounds like a damn good was the riding at the caves ? Any pics >?