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Tuesday, September 6

Well....we decided to take a short trip over to seattle this past weekend, camp on the lochsa river one night, then drive across scenic by-ways all the way into seattle. We started on HWY12...the original lewis and clark route across the bitteroots and thru Idaho....damn this road was windy, but so friggin scenic. We camped out right on the lochsa river and then the next day drove thru one tiny town after the next. Grabbed a little lunch at the tiny town of Lewiston ID, and then headed north up to the columbia river and followed it along hwy 26. Mike convinced us that Rosyln WA was a worthy stop so we drove on to check the small town and home of Northern Exposure out. From there we drove like mad into Seattle and ended up in our hotel on Mercer Island kind of late and hungry.....we walked a few blocks (and passed at least 3 different Starbucks on the way) to retrive pizza and beer.

The next morning we headed down to Pike St and made a breakfast out of the fresh fruit and grabbed fresh drip coffees on every other block. We squeezed a ton of stuff into two short days before we headed back....but the pics below were certainly the highlights.

Blogger debaser said...
I don't know how to break this to you, but we the party was LAST year...

Glad to see you made it out for a bit. If I knew you were headed there I would have directed you to the inlaws for their world famous breakfast buffet!

Blogger Chaybo said...
i thought everyone was meeting up for the anniversary ?

Blogger debaser said...
Zana will be out there in a week, not mwe though, lost all my vacation. So no partying for me.

These pics are damn good. I feel compelled to leave my pics of the Bone Collector off for a couple days just so I can soak these in.